RE:FUEL Memphis, Inc. is a non profit corporation dedicated to serving men on our spiritual journey.

Our Purpose…RE:FUEL Memphis is dedicated to helping men be filled with all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:14-19) by encouraging radical and urgent transformation as followers of Jesus.  We will pursue intense and ongoing personal encounters with God in a way that will serve as a strategic compliment to conventional spiritual development and growth efforts.

Our Mission…Organize events that God can use to; Inspire men to be radically dependent on Jesus – Connect men and foster fellowship, accountability and service throughout Memphis – Impact men in a way that promotes continuous spiritual education and awareness.

Inspire – Connect – Impact

  1. Inspire – RE:FUEL will help men develop a radically dependent relationship with Jesus through annual conferences and concerts dedicated to the study and worship of His life.
  2. Connect – RE:FUEL will help foster fellowship, accountability and service throughout Memphis.  This will be done through the following outlets:
    1. Service opportunities for those in need.
    2. Monthly “pit-stop” newsletters.
    3. Consistent communications through relevant social media channels.
  3. Impact – RE:FUEL will help men be filled for the journey through continuous spiritual education and awareness.  We aim to provide an interactive website that can serve as a central repository for male-focused RE:Fueling efforts.  The on-line resources will include the following:
    1. Ideas for practically equipping men to live out a radical devotion to Christ.
    2. Professional contacts and resources that can help men with intense struggles.
    3. Audio/Video content for relevant and continuous spiritual awareness.

Our dream…A city of Men who seek to be filled with the all the fullness of God and desire to be:

R – Radically obedient

E – Empowered by the Spirit

F – Fervent in prayer

U – Unafraid of anything

E – Engaged in the Word

L – Living for Eternity