Why shift901?

Today, we live the internet of everything age.  The advancement of technology is amazing and when used correctly can simplify and/or enhance our lives.  Unfortunately, technology can also be very destructive to males and family units as a whole.  shift901.com will leverage predictive and advanced technology principles to connect, impact and engage guys of all ages, races, situations and backgrounds.  The shift901 site will be a collaborative resource to help or engage guys – and families – depending on the specific situation they are dealing with and/or what they need.  April 22, 2016 will be dedicated to making men a priority, raising awareness and support for the development and on-going management of this portal and introducing shift901.com to the Memphis community.  Our dream is to have hundreds of partners quickly accessible through this communication and connectivity portal.  We have already started gathering information from Kingdom-centered partners who already serve or engage men and/or families in meaningful ways.  During the April 22 event, we will share how the shift901 portal can be used and spotlight a few of our partners who will make the portal come to life.

The proceeds from the RE:FUEL conference will directly support the following:

  1. The initial architecture and on-going management of shift901.com. This connection and communication portal will be a central repository of city-wide Kingdom resources designed to connect, help and engage guys in our city.  Our goal is to leverage this portal and share it across the city so guys – and families – can access it quickly when they need help or desire to be more engaged in something meaningful.
  2. The on-going ministry efforts of our Kingdom Partners. For the initial launch of shift901.com on 4/22/16, we are going to spotlight 10 Kingdom Partners who are already doing meaningful work in our city.  Some of these organizations you know well…others you don’t.  These organizations are RE:FUEL Kingdom partners because Jesus is the center of their ministry efforts, they are dedicated to helping or engaging boys/men/families and they desire to be part of a city-wide unity effort through shift901.com.  Proceeds will immediately assist the following organizations: (1) Restoration Path, (2) Downline Ministries, (3) Memphis Athletic Ministries, (4) HopeWorks, (5) ManChurch, (6) Team Laeth, (7) Jacob’s Well, (8) Memphis Dream Center, (9) Andy Savage Marriage & Parental Counseling, and (10) Sage Hill Memphis.

Why 901?  For too long, the Mid-South area has been mired at the bottom of dreadful statistical analyses. From being ranked as one of the worst cities for men in America to live, to having the highest fatherless, poverty and crime rates year after year, Memphis is in desperate need of good news for boys/men and we also need a narrow focus on the world in which they exist and operate.  We want to give men – and families – the ability to quickly have multiple Kingdom centered resources at their fingertips in a time of need.

Why RE:FUEL?  For more than 5 years now, RE:FUEL Memphis has been focused on helping boys and men be centered on the right things – primarily Jesus.  After organizing several successful conferences for men and receiving quality feedback from our guests, we have decided to take this effort to another level in an attempt to answer the “what’s next?” question.  Going to a conference is one thing, getting help or getting engaged after the conference is another.  Through shift901.com, we are entering the arena where men are fighting daily to survive, avoid loneliness, mend relationships, live a life that matters and be void of unhealthy habits.  With a centralized technology portal designed specifically to meet boys/men where they are, RE:FUEL can meet the unique challenges boys/men face in ways that few other organizations can.

As an organization, we are centered on Jesus and we believe in the healing power of His name. We have complete confidence that if we are armed with the all-encompassing power of Jesus, we can combine the power of a purpose-driven life with resources in the Memphis community who have already been time-tested and are uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of guys in the trenches.

Through shift901.com, we will collect and correlate information from community resources already doing meaningful Kingdom work in our city.  Through the portal, we will connect boys, men and families with these community resources in a quick and impactful way. We will be leveraging the good things that technology provides and proactively put a Kingdom advancing resource in the hands of our community, which prayerfully changes how boys, men and families find faith and/or live it out.