RE:FUEL Memphis is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping men realize God’s value and vision for their lives.

Our Core Values…

  • RE:FUEL is about Jesus. We believe that Jesus Christ is the source of all freedom, all prosperity, all redemption and the only way to God in Heaven.  We will use the life and teachings of Jesus as our guide.
  • RE:FUEL is convicted about God’s unique and powerful plan for every man in Memphis.
  • RE:FUEL serves as a compliment to conventional faith development efforts.  Our goal is to spark spiritual conversations for seekers and believers that can be expanded by the leadership of local congregations.
  • RE:FUEL aims to bring men of all backgrounds, experiences and belief systems together to impact Memphis.
  • RE:FUEL will use traditional and contemporary methods to help men on this journey.

Our Purpose…
Dedicated to helping men be filled with all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:14-19) by encouraging and inspiring radical and urgent transformation as followers of Jesus.

Our Mission…
Committed to organizing events that God can use to: Inspire men to be radically dependent on Jesus, Connect men and foster fellowship, accountability and service throughout Memphis and Impact men in a way that promotes continuous spiritual education and awareness.

Our Vision…
A city of men who seek to be filled with the all the fullness of God and desire to be:

R – Radically obedient

E – Empowered by the Spirit

F – Fervent in prayer

U – Unafraid of anything

E – Engaged in the Word

L – Living for Eternity

According to an article published by Men’s Health in December 2011, Memphis is one of the worst cities for men in America. Using sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the CDC, and the FBI, the study evaluated 100 cities in 35 categories ranging from exercise, employment and air quality to heart disease, diabetes and depression. Memphis was ranked #100 – placing our city dead last in this study. Ironically, Memphis is also one of the most religious cities in America.

If Memphis is the worst city for men, according to this study, then we believe it is also the best place to experience God in mighty ways. If we are to believe the facts in research and articles such as this, then we must believe that Memphis is the best place to see the work of God in the lives of men.